For women (epilation bikini)

I want to say from the very beginning that this page is destined for women. We are not waiting for men here, and therefore I can speak with you freely and without any embellishments.

Some statistics:
99% of the clients of our studio get a bikini sugaring. As you see, it is our most popular service.

The reasons to get it:

  • When you should choose this type of hair removal?
  • If you are tired of shaving
  • If your hair becomes coarse and prickly after shaving
  • If your skin becomes irritated after shaving
  • If you want a result that lasts longer
  • If you are looking for a way to get rid of hair on your intimate parts that is 100% safe
  • If you are preparing to have a baby
  • Or if you decide to teach your daughter the best way to remove hair.

And these are only the reasons that came to my mind straight away. You can have much more of them. But we all come to the fact that bikini hair removal is important. It doesn’t matter if you choose the classical option or total hair removal.

How our Studio performs bikini hair removal

I draw your attention to the fact that a priori we use disposable materials, and I won’t focus on that anymore.

So, you decided to get that bikini epilation, you let your hair grow for 2 weeks and then you come to us.
In the beginning of the procedure our master looks at the condition of your skin and hair, and asks questions if you have convex moles and papillae. All this is necessary to prevent accidental injuries.
Then, if you don’t have any external contraindications, our master cleanses your skin with the Presept product of the Alexandria Professional line, then applies tonic when needed and always uses Alexandria Professional powder (talc).

By the way, the amount of talc we apply is based on the type and condition of your skin. Drier skin needs less talc, and if it’s on the wet side, it needs more, so the powder is applied more often during the procedure.
Applying powder is necessary in order to protect the skin from excessive peeling, to remove excess moisture, and to make the sugaring procedure more comfortable.

Then the master takes sugar paste, the density of which is based on the initial condition of your skin, and then proceeds to the manual epilation technique.

The manual technique is a technique that is performed with hands. Sugar paste is applied in a certain way to the area with hair and then the hair is removed with its roots with a sharp jerk. At this point, the master puts her hand on the place of tearing-off, and like this anti-stress is triggered. Very quickly the pain passes.
In this manner, the hair from most of the bikini zone is removed.

Also we use the bandage technology for the most sensitive areas, and our clients know that when we take bandages, all the most painful moments have already passed and we are getting close to the finish line.

We use very small bandages. No need to imagine that we remove everything completely in one jerk) Without them it would be impossible to do this painlessly and with a high quality.

When all the hairs from the bikini zone and the intergluteal fold are removed, we apply the final Restore product, that protects your skin from inflammation to the maximum.

And voila – you have a smooth bikini line!

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