History of success

My name is Alyona Kovalkova, I am the head of the BioEpilation studio and I would like to share my story...
This story began with me as an administrator at the Moscow beauty salon, which became the starting point on my way to the beauty industry.

Having a higher economic education and a good job, I found my way in the beauty industry.

I went from being the salon administrator to the head of my own studio, from a simple master to a methodology and technology expert, studied a huge number of depilation techniques, and tried out many brands of pastes. And I can confidently call myself an expert.

I gladly share my knowledge and skills with the masters of my Studio, we all feel the pleasant warmth from your messages of gratitude.

I love my work, I appreciate our specialists, I thank our customers.

Success story in dates:


The early stages

Beauty salon administrator.
Perhaps the most important experience for the future leader.


Hair Removal Master

I was trained and started receiving clients as a wax master.


Sugaring Master

I received two trainings for sugaring.
TOP 5 among the masters of wax and sugar hair removal


Opening of the BioEpilation Studio

Yes, this very Studio.


Individual Bio-Tattoo

Launch of my own production of disposable stencils for temporary tattoos.


ТОР 10 Allure

I, Alyona Kovalkova entered the top 10 best hair removal masters in St. Petersburg, according to the Allure magazine (may 2013).


Professional Development

I received advanced training from Lina Kennedy (founder of the sugar paste brand Alexandria Professional (USA))


International Championship of Hair Removal

1st place in the nomination: “Master of Hair Removal”
2nd place in the nomination: “Hair Removal and Bikini Design”
+ Victory in the nomination: "The Best Wax Master”


International Championship of Hair Removal

1st place in the nomination: “Waxing”.


Enhanced Training

I underwent a series of workshops on the modern means of sugaring


Methodology and Technology Expert Qualification

I received an additional training and was assigned the category of methodology and technology expert.

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