During this procedure, we use MayStar products (Spain), which has been producing cosmetics and professional hair removal products including specialty waxes for more than 25 years.
The main principle of MayStar, which is respected by consumers throughout the world, is the production of cosmetics and other products only from natural ingredients.
All the raw materials that are used in the production (of plant or marine origin) are cleaned very well and contain a minimal amount of preservatives. Plus advanced technologies are used. These are еру components of a quality product.

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Waxing: answers to questions

How is the procedure performed?
Before the procedure, the skin surface is treated with a special softening gel Depilflax, which completely cleans the skin, removes stress from it and reduces discomfort. Heated in special heaters, the wax is applied to the skin in the direction of hair growth, and then it is removed with special bandages against hair growth. If you do not have this kind of experience, then you have to know that the moment of separation is comparable to the Chinese burn. Thanks to the fact that waxing is performed using strips, the process is fairly quick and comfortable, while keeping good results. When the procedure is over, post depilatory oil Depilflax, which soothes, nourishes and softens the skin, is applied.

How often should I do this?
Typically, once a month, but it depends on the characteristics and wishes of the client. Someone visits the salon again in 3 weeks, and someone comes again in 5 or 6 weeks.

Can I somehow anaesthetize the skin before the procedure?
According to our experience and customer reviews, waxing is quite tolerant and there is no need to use anesthesia.
(In this way, the hairs from the skin of hands, legs, back, belly and buttocks are removed)

Can irritation occur after waxing?
Be prepared for mild skin redness, especially if you will perform this procedure for the first time. Typically, redness passes off quite rapidly in individuals with normal skin. The owners of thin and sensitive skin, as well as dry skin, redness may persist a little longer than usual.

What if I do this on the eve of the wedding?
If you have never done waxing in the salon before, then of course you cannot predict how the skin will behave after the procedure. Therefore, if you decide to perform the procedure before an important celebration, holiday or other event, you should take this into account and do it for the first time at least a couple of months before the event.

How to prepare?
• The length of the hairs should be more than 5 mm, i.e. at least 10 days must pass after the last shaving, and at least three weeks must pass after the last procedure.
• We recommend peeling using scrub the day before the procedure – this will help rid the skin of keratinized scales and raise the hairs slightly.
• Refuse the use of fatty creams and lotions on the day of visiting the technician.
• It is advisable to refuse sunbathing / solarium / sauna both before and after waxing for not to traumatize the skin unnecessarily.

Can I somehow extend the positive effect of smooth skin?
Yes! In our shop, there are such products as hair growth inhibitors, i.e. the products that help to stop the growth of hair, as well as to make it lighter. It is necessary to take into account the fact that all these products have a cumulative effect, so it is better to use them immediately after hair removal procedure and within three days after taking a shower.

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