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Sugaring alexandria professional

Zone: Before discount Special price
Bikini (FULL) + Underarms 2900 rub 2600 rub
Bikini (FULL) + Legs (LOWER / UPPER) 3850 rub 3600 rub
Bikini (FULL)
+ Legs (FULL)
5250 rub 4700 rub

Combined depilation!
Sugaring (S) + Waxing (W)

Zone: Before discount Special price
Bikini FULL (S) + Legs (LOWER / UPPER) (W) 3150 rub 2800 rub
Bikini FULL (S)
+ Legs LOWER (W)
4050 rub 3700 rub

Services Discount at Shugaring bikini FULL

Zone: Before discount Special price
Upper lip (S) 400 rub 300 rub
Underarms (S) 650 rub 500 rub
Line from / to the navel (S) 400 rub 200 rub
Buttocks 900 rub 600 rub
Glitter tattoo (to 10 cm.) 1000 rub 500 rub
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