To date, almost every girl, who visits beauty salons in St. Petersburg, knows about sugaring from her personal experience or the reviews of familiar people. In our articles, we have already provided details of the world leaders in this area, such as the Hungarian manufacturer “Pandhy`s” and the American one “AlexandriaProfessional” (Alexandria Professional). We cannot but mention the native achievement in the field of hair removal, i.e. “Aravia”, because this is our first experience, the first paste, thanks to which we began to comprehend the art of sugaring and that pushed us to search the best and the finest materials.

Photo shugaring procedures

Answers to questions about sugaring

If you decided to perform this procedure for the first time, you probably have many questions. We`ll try to anticipate and answer them.

The first and most important question asked by our clients before the first procedure:

Is sugaring painful?
During this procedure, the separation of hairs is the only uncomfortable moment. The skin is not injured, but on the contrary it undergoes light peeling and thereby becomes smooth and attractive.

What hair length is needed for the first sugaring?
On the Internet, you can find quite different information and feedback on the length. It may either be 2 mm or even 1 mm. But let`s be honest. 2 mm hairs can be removed using paste if they have NEVER! been removed with a razor or using other methods of home depilation. That is this must be vellus hair. And since all girls take care of themselves, the probability of this event is equal to zero.

If you have used a razor or depilatory creams, you have to wait 1,5 -2 weeks after the last procedure to shave your bikini area and underarms again, and wait 4 - 5 weeks to shave your legs.

ПWe anticipate your bewilderment “I will have to be fluffy for so long?!” Such efforts are needed only once. When you start to do sugaring in the salon regularly, you will not notice as the hair grows, as it becomes softer, thinner, and eventually loses its pigment. It will not disturb you at all while growing. Very often we hear reviews from our clients: “A week ago, everything was still smooth, and then I took a glance and realized that I have to visit you urgently.”

How often is sugaring needed?
Here, of course, everything depends on your individual characteristics. Someone comes to do sugaring again in 3 weeks, and someone comes in 4 or 5 weeks. And if we talk about hair length, about 5 mm are enough for high-quality depilation.

Is additional home care necessary?
Definitely, yes! And if you have healthy skin, it is quite easy to keep it in this condition – do light peeling and moisturize your skin with creams 2 times a week.

If there are some unpleasant moments, such as ingrown hair, pigment spots, irritation, we would recommend you to supplement the traditional home care with the professional products that can solve this or that problem. This will bring you an incomparable feeling of perfect skin.

We have various products for skin care at affordable prices. You can choose them in our online shop or buy in our salon at: 31, Korablestroiteley Street, St. Petersburg (Primorskaya station).

What do I have to take?
We recommend you to take a good mood! Everything else is our concern. And we are happy to do everything to make you feel safe and comfortable.

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