Glitter tattoo

Temporary tattoos are very convenient. Eventually, a boring picture can be replaced quickly and without any problems. Glitter is all the rage in the field of temporary tattoos, giving truly huge space for imagination.

The basis of glitter tattoo presents sequins that are glued to the skin with a special gel, forming a pattern. Sequins may be of different colors and shades, with metallic luster, nacre, etc. Their use makes it possible to draw stunning iridescent images on the skin.

Glitter tattoo

Glitter tattoo cannot be washed off and is safe for the skin. It will look just great both at a disco and on the beach. And, most importantly, when the picture will bother you, it can be removed and replaced by another one without any problems. It is perfect for girls who like to change!

If you do not touch your glitter tattoo, it will look nice for about a week. It is not so long as, say, a henna tattoo is, but it can be removed immediately and completely and you do not have to wait for the full fading. In addition, no henna will give you such an amazing variety of shades, as glitter will do.

Glitter tattoos can be very different. It can be a brilliant butterfly or an iridescent dragon, a black scorpion with silver-blue tint or a bright flower – space for imagination is almost unlimited.

From a medical point of view, the materials are completely safe. The gel that is used for sequins is hypoallergenic. The whole procedure is completely painless, so it is suitable both for adults and children.

Glitter tattoo is an opportunity to stand out among others, to show your individuality and sense of style. This is your step into the world of bright colors.


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