Henna bio tattoo

Henna is one of the most ancient dyes used for drawing on the body. It came to us from hot countries, such as India and Egypt. That`s where the art of temporary tattoo and body art originated, and henna was one of the basic dyes. Rich women were patterning different parts of their bodies; sometimes intricate designs covered a large part of the skin. Then the traditions were somehow forgotten, but everything returns someday.

bio tattoo

Today, henna is becoming more and more common. Previously, it was only used for hair dyeing, but temporary tattoos, which are also called bio tattoos, are now in vogue. The prefix “bio” means that only environmentally friendly materials are used for patterning. Henna is very convenient for temporary tattoos. It does not harm the skin, lasts for a long time and is not smudged. These qualities allow you to use it for such new development as bikini design.

Pubic haircut is no longer a novelty for many people, but bikini design with drawings performed by using henna looks completely different. The ornament, which begins in the bikini area, often goes above on the stomach. In this case, there is a “two in one” effect, i.e. a bio-tattoo on the stomach and in the pubic area. Only the chosen will be allowed to appreciate this beauty in full, and the top of the tattoo, which also looks wonderful, will be enough for the rest.

As henna, used for bikini design, is entirely natural material, the soft skin of this delicate area remains safe. Bikini design with a henna bio tattoo can be a gift for your loved one to any celebration, but, first of all, it is your gift for yourself. It`s so nice to feel stylish and elegant in every respect.

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