Epilation in St. Petersburg

Bioepilation studio is not a beauty salon. There is no pathos here... This is a cozy place, in which I tried to combine the great epilation technicians of St. Petersburg.

Yes, we are different, we graduated from different schools and learned from different technologists and we like to improve and share our knowledge with each other. We love our profession and are happy to perform our work every day.

Bioepilation studio

Yes, our administrator doesn`t work every day.

Yes, it may take some time for us to answer your call, but it does not mean anything! We highly appreciate our customers; we will definitely call you back and answer all your questions. You can immediately get first hand advice from masters of their craft.

We will explain everything to you and will tell you how to prepare yourself and how to epilate. We will answer your questions regarding our services and register you at a time which is convenient to you.

Our team


Our advantages

  • We are a highly specialized salon! Yes, no manicure or pedicure, and only sugaring and waxing.
  • We are the first studio in the city that uses the best sugar paste Alexandria Professional (USA), which is the first and the only company, accredited by NACCAS (National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences).
  • In May 2013, our Studio was mentioned in the TOP of the best technicians according to Allure Magazine.
  • In our work, we use disposable materials and we work only with gloves – everything for your peace of mind, safety and confidence.
  • Our depilation technicians are the owners of international certificates that prove they are masters of sugaring.

Sometimes we work without our administrator, but in the event of your early visit for the hair removal, you will be able to navigate the site easily ;-)

Shoe covers hang to the right of the entrance, and there is a wardrobe for outdoor clothes to the left of the entrance. You will see the words “help yourself” on the wall and a bar nearby. There you can brew a mug of your favorite tea and treat yourself with goodies, enjoy Wi-Fi on a soft couch or a chair. Feel free and make yourself at home!

This is the way we work in a private and confidential atmosphere and we are waiting for you to visit us!

Sincerely yours, Alyona Kovalkova 
  Master epilation, the head of the Studio.
Alyona Kovalkova


Epilation is hair removal in which the hair follicles are destroyed.

Depilation is the removal of the visible hair above the skin.

Sugaring is deservedly called sugar epilation, as a subcutaneous part of the hair with the follicle is removed during the procedure, which leads to the slow destruction of the follicle. And sugar epilation provides a more lasting result than the use of depilatory creams or when using the razor.

Photo shugaring procedures

But the warm wax belongs to depilation, as often the hair breaks under the skin that does not lead to the destruction of hair follicles. Depilation is made using depilatory creams, epilators (although it would be better to call them depilatories), and warm wax. If you do waxing, the result lasts a little less than that after sugar epilation, but much longer than after the cream or epilator.